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Tax refund from Finland

Who can expect the tax refund?

If You have worked and paid (or still working and paying) income taxes in Finland during the last 4 years, you can register for a tax refund.

1. Use the calculator to find out the refundable amount.

2. Fill in the registration form and attach required documents to begin the process of tax refund.

3. Completed registration form and required documents should be sent by registered mail to this address:

“Tax Back Solution” Vytauto ave. 27- 324, Kaunas LT-44352, Lithuania

OR You can come to the nearest representative office.

4. As soon as the documents are received, You will be informed about it and then the tax refund process will be started.

5. Finnish tax authority will transfer the tax refund directly to Your bank account.

6. After You receive Your tax refund, you must contact “Tax Back Solution” and pay the service fee.

  • The copy of Your passport / ID;
  • Documents about Your income:
    form VEROILMOITUS 2018;
    form VEROTUSPÄÄTÖS, if the overpaid tax refund is for the tax year 2015, 2016, and 2017.

You do not have all the necessary documents? Please, do not hesitate and contact us, we will be happy to help or we can get the required documents by ourselves (additional fee* is applied).

*15 EUR for each document founded.

Tax refund for tax year 2018 will start in the end of March 2019. Then the Finnish tax authorithy will send
VEROILMOITUS 2018 forms.


It takes about 3 to 4 months after You provide all the necessary information and documents to “Tax Back Solution”.

the duration of the process mentioned above is indicative, i. e. it is the most common period in practice. It may not be the same to Your situation because it depends on work rate of foreign institutions and Your provided documents. Every case is unique.

10 % from the overpayment but not less than 45 EUR for every tax year.
* Additional fee – 15 EUR for every document.
20% discount for students who have a valid student ID.

 No tax refund – no service fee.

You pay for service only if the process is successful. There is no prepayment fee.

Who can apply for the child benefit in Finland?

 If You are a citizen of EU and work in Finland but Your family (child/children) lives in the homeland, You can apply to receive the child benefit.

CHILD BENEFIT is granted until the child is 17 years old (inclusive).

CHILD BENEFIT AMOUNT -  from 94,88 EUR per month.

CHILD CARE BENEFIT can be granted to the child who is up to 3 years old.

CHILD CARE BENEFIT AMOUNT -  from 338,34 EUR per month.

 Child benefit and child care benefit can be granted for the previous 6 months after the applications was sent to Finland KELA institution.

Service fee - 90 EUR for each child. 150 EUR for each child if  it was applied for two types of benefit (child benefit and child care benefit).

Process duration it usually takes about 6 months after the applications was sent to Finland KELA institution.

Every case is monitored by Finnish Social Department. They contact Lithuanian institutions to ensure if the person’s family does not receive child benefit in homeland.

No child benefit – no service fee.

You pay for service only if the process is successful. There is no prepayment fee.




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